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Personal Devices and the Public Space

‘So when you’re in public

And you start to feel alone

Put your hand behind your head

Step away from the phone

You don’t need to stare at your menu… 640 more words


Presidential post

K, so, since im president now, im gonna go inactive for a few weeks. bye!

Jk. Anyways, deciding on VP. currently, and not exactly sure who to pick. 14 more words


Toma's Script Explanation

I had asked Suzuchan about this, should I make explanation about Toma script? I mean like when is the script occurs in game? And she said that maybe I should make something like that. 123 more words


Toma Route's Finished

Hello there, ayame’s here!!

haha… well, I’m sure all of you already know me (eh, no!? hahaha–awkward laugh–)

As my daily report said, today I’ve done translating Toma route (yaay). 488 more words


ayame’s Daily Report

Toma’s (Completed) Route Translation:

  • 300.txt – 328.txt

Translations Finished Today:

  • 328.txt


Overall percentage: 100%

Total Script for Toma’s Route:

  • 300.txt – 328.txt

Public Relations in a nutshell

If you want an overview of what Public Relations is, how it can benefit your business and how to get started then have a look at this webinar Public Relations in a nutshell,

Cindy should have recognized immediately that I was in a very dangerous state of mind.

She was giggling now as she turned back to face him while he was gently rubbing her forearm.
“You’re a grown woman, Cindy, and you’re quite capable of making your own choices,” I said. 299 more words