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5 Steps to Overcome Fear

I was very shy as a child. I experienced a great deal of worry about saying the wrong thing. School dances were a nightmare as was walking into that overwhelming school auditorium each morning before class. 652 more words


Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 188) - Aristotle

“[I]t is not enough to know what we ought to say; we must also say it as we ought … It is, essentially, a matter of the right management of the voice to express the various emotions—of speaking loudly, softly, or between the two; of high, low, or intermediate pitch; of the various rhythms that suit various subjects. 25 more words

Public Speaking

Training Tomorrow’s Leaders

Youth Leadership program
helps students speak up, build skills

By Christine Clapp, DTM

Andrew Peter Bennett, DTM, is District 71’s adviser on Youth Leadership. In that role, he advocates strongly for the Toastmasters Youth Leadership program (YLP), saying he has seen young participants benefit in many ways from it. 674 more words

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All Eyes on Me: Overcoming the fear of Public Speaking

I would describe myself as an introvert, but there’s something within me, an inner performer that if needed, can be called upon to entertain an audience (Gosh, that sounds a bit David Brent-ish!). 1,009 more words

Social Anxiety

Wow audience members—after your presentation

If you want to make a lasting impression on your audience, stay in character even after you have delivered your closing statement. Do the following: 191 more words

Public Speaking

Confidence Tricks: Mind and Body

It’s really important to stay on relaxed breathing when nerves set in at the audition or performance – or for any public speaking. If you go into upper chest breathing, you get an imbalance of oxygen and carbon dioxide which makes you feel dizzy, nervous, sound unconfident and stops you thinking clearly. 1,322 more words


It's hard to make things easy....

I am always amazed at how some people make things look easy. Athletes, speakers, politicians, engineers, scientists and leaders that make things look easy truly understand how hard it is. 194 more words