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In every journey, there gets to a point where one has to stop, take a break; ponder on certain issues that might be of great concern to him/her. 810 more words


People’s March for the NHS

At around 6pm on Thursday 28th August the People’s March for the NHS arrived at the Forest Recreation Ground in Nottingham. The large group that had marched from Mansfield received a warm welcome from the 200 or so people who had gathered to show their support for the… 475 more words


What Lies, beneath. Civil and public service pay, again.

So, public sector pay is back on the radar. The publication by the CSO of the recent public/private sector pay comparisons has given rise to the usual outpourings from the organs of media billionaires. 795 more words


NE Comms conversation #14 "I was growing tired of standing outside burning factories at midnight"

As the transfer deadline day window gets ready to slam shut, I’m delighted to be able to announce our first big money, foreign (to Tyneside anyway) Premier league, star signing to NE comms conversation FC. 852 more words

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Rotherham and Elitism? Making the link...

The deeply sad story emerging in Rotherham has many lessons.

I hope it encourages us to reflect on management, elitism broadly speaking and what we expect of people in positions of power. 595 more words

American unions membership declines as public support fluctuates | Pew Research Center

The Polity ThinkShop brings you this important report on the State of our American State

Have unions been dealt yet another blow, now ironically by the well intentioned ACA reform?  

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Bringing transparency to the procurement process with e-procurement capabilities in AX2012 R3!

We have been hearing a lot about e-procurement capabilities introduced in Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R3. Every day the requirements of the businesses are increasing and technology is making a remarkable difference by introducing automated tools to help achieve them. 1,062 more words

AX2012 R3