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The Succubus Diaries

“Get me another beer, you little shit. Make yourself useful for once in your goddamn life. Stop standing there like a little retard. NOW!” My father pointed toward the kitchen, steaming with rage. 4,819 more words

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Flirting With The Devil

“Bzz bz bzzz,” my phone vibrates at me. Ha, another text from Rosa. How stupid can she be? This girl must really like being treated like shit. 3,795 more words

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Article: The Consequences of Mental Illness That Nobody Talks About

Psychotic disorders are frequently accompanied by significant and disabling cognitive losses. These cognitive difficulties can persist even when other symptoms (delusions, hallucinations) are well controlled by anti-psychotic medications. 74 more words

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psychosis in hindsight

Early signs of psychosis may have been what prompted me to see my psychiatrist, but it actually wasn’t the first time I’d experienced psychotic psymptoms. 521 more words


House at the End of the Street

House at the End of the Street is a 2012 Horror/Thriller written by David Loucka and directed by Mark Tonderai based on the short story by Jonathan Mostow. 712 more words



Back to medication 

After a deteriorating 3 days where I ended up suicidal and with thoughts of self harm (rare for me), I thought I was out of the woods yesterday when I had a really positive / good day. 264 more words


Spiritual Emergencies Or Psychotic Episodes?

In 1994 The American Psychiatric Association added “Religious or Spiritual Problem” to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

It is sad to think of what a widespread disease “religious or spiritual problems” are. 579 more words

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