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Co-consciousness; the product of language.

Parents are the true gods, and what a tough job it is!

The gods first arose inside the infant brain, which is predestined to seek “the others” without whom new humans would perish at birth. 839 more words


Is Religious Fundamentalism an Emotional Illness Like OCD?

The intensity with which many religious fundamentalists hold their faith, which by definition they can’t justify with logic, is frightening to me and many others.  Often religious fundamentalists are intolerant, even to the point of committing extreme violence and sociopolitical “ 286 more words


A Satisficer I am not: No pain, No Gain indeed


A Satisficer I am not: No pain, No Gain indeed


In graduate school, I did a series of research studies on surveys. More specifically, I studied how to improve the self-report methodology so that one can get more “accurate” data from questionnaires. 678 more words


Never commit to memory what you can easily commit to paper.


Other people’s lives and why Monica Lewinsky caused the 9/11 attacks

I have talked to a few novelists in my time.

They mostly admit that much of the fiction they write is actually the truth, but toned-down because the actual truth would be too far-fetched to believe. 1,317 more words


The depression has lifted

Well, la dee da. It’s been a while since I have written on this blog.

I apologize for the dry spell. I think I did need a break. 566 more words

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