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Hinduism & Paganism - Koenraad Elst

“It happened to my European ancestors long ago, and I see it happening today in India. The Christian plan is to make the same destruction of Paganism happen all over India as well as the rest of the world. 2,377 more words


Denial of Love Jihad by Hindu politicians, TV anchors and newspaper columnists - R. K. Ohri

“It is a national shame that platoons of secularism doped Hindu politicians like Akhilesh Yadav, Gaurav Bhatia and Manish Tiwari are trying to assist the jihadis to take over India through a demographic coup. 1,204 more words


Kay Griggs

Kay Griggs speaks freely about the unimagined corruption and extent of the oppressive systems of deception within the leadership nexus of military intelligence with secret society internationalism.


Proof that Ferguson PSYOP was Planned in Advance

Former Sergeant Dan Page of the St. Louis County Police Department participating in a CNN Psychological Operation mainly targeting black Americans. What is more interesting is a lecture Page gave in 2012, where he gave in good detail plans of the NWO takeover. 53 more words


Tit-for-tat with Pakistan - Rajeev Srinivasan

“Foreign policy, especially between enemies such as India and Pakistan, can be modeled as a series of Prisoner’s Dilemma games. Thus, when Vajpayee extended his hand in friendship (a ‘cooperation’), the response was the Kandahar hijack (a ‘betrayal’). 980 more words


Celebrate India’s past, don't ignore it - Madhav Nalapat

“I will omit all discussion of the science of the Indians, … of their subtle discoveries in astronomy, discoveries that are more ingenious than those of the Greeks and the Babylonians, and of their valuable methods of calculation which surpass description. 1,008 more words