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all about eve

Starring Bette Davis, All About Eve is a classic, yet I’d never seen it — till now. It’s a captivating film about Margo Channin, a veteran actress and her circle of theater friends. 164 more words


[Freelance] Last Game

:Last Game : Choa_Ayas & Agatha Taehyung :Lay EXO M | Jung Yoonji OC | Jung J.O OC | Member EXO K : Angst & Mistery : 17+ … 6,057 more words


Bates Motel - a newbies impression

Last week a friend and I sat down to browse Netflix for something interesting to watch, and pass the gloomy rainy day by with. First came… 521 more words

Reasonable Doubt (2014)

My Rating : 3.5/5 STARS
MovieStudio Quote >> “Cooper and Jackson takes the killer tension in balance till the end, where it then gets a little cheesy!” 133 more words


Limecrime v OCC

Lime Crime Velvetines -v- OCC Lip Tars

So … in the eternal struggle to find a lip colour that stays.the.hell.on, I discovered something wonderful, something fabulous, something liquidy and stay-onny … something called a… 664 more words

An introduction

Hi, thanks for reading. Due to privacy I will not yet reveal my name or origin, but for now you can call me “Aaron”. This blog might mean much more for me personally, then to you who are reading it. 357 more words

A Story

Review: 'The Sacrament' 8.31.14

Poor Ti West. For a Writer/Director who’s career showed such early promise with his groundbreaking theatrical debut (he had only made a couple of really small indies prior) – 2009’s ‘The House of the Devil’, one of my top 10-20 films of the past 5 years. 665 more words