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A Psychic Medium in Southwest Michigan

There is a very talented psychic medium in Oakland County, Michigan. Her name is Sherrie Ellen and she has been free psychic messages to unexpected random people for decades. 339 more words

Michigan Psychic

Psychic Development Classes Online!


Would you like to study in a development class, but can’t find one nearby? Do you receive psychic information randomly? Wish you could connect with your abilities whenever you want to? 217 more words

Spirit Guides

Memories From a Different Future (and other news)!

So, kind of a roundup of what’s been going on lately (some pretty cool stuff). Most of this is book-related but not all (I’m not entirely convinced a writer’s blog should only be about writing and I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on that). 583 more words

What if -

Accepting that our rulers are corrupt and engage in manipulative cons against the populace whom they view as their marks – a fairly safe assumption on the basis of their observable behaviour – what category of people in society would they prioritise to seek out and destroy OR absorb into their ranks? 54 more words


 All Metaphysical, Spiritual Counselors, Psychics, Tarot and Lightworkers. I am hosting a free event  to let you display your items, services or whatever they wish. For free. 138 more words

Lucky Us


Lucky Us by Amy Bloom

Pointillist. Love and loss ping-pongs haphazardly, puzzles, forming something beautiful.