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Conquering the Dragon (New Series)

My hands trembled as I looked down the barrel of the pistol I was holding, its hammer was slowly drawing back. “Just a little more” I thought “and all this could be over”. 328 more words

Social Awareness

Small, shiny things

I took this photo a few weeks ago while Sweetie & I were having a campfire and watching the sunset.  Remember the velella?

These are tiny jelly fish that live on the very surface of the water, and they grow a tiny sail of cartilage from their backs and sail wherever the wind takes them. 297 more words



I can hear the crunch of shoes against gravel as James jogs to catch up. As we head to the front door, another young man slides up beside me and leans towards my ear. 751 more words


five things about my future from a professional psychic

When BFFL and I visited New York we saw a psychic.  I promised a post with some of my fortunes – so here is the long-overdue gem of a story you’ve been waiting for! 638 more words


☆ August 30th 2014 AngelScope ☆

A steady flow of abundance is about to manifest

The Angel of Abundance has shown up in your reading today to bestow a special blessing upon you. 139 more words


A merciful heart resolves problems.

While we are awake, an idea comes to our mind one after another. We are always thinking about something different vaguely even while watching TV. When we have some trouble, for example, we are always worried about it no matter what we are doing. 665 more words