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☆ August 30th 2014 AngelScope ☆

A steady flow of abundance is about to manifest

The Angel of Abundance has shown up in your reading today to bestow a special blessing upon you. 139 more words


A merciful heart resolves problems.

While we are awake, an idea comes to our mind one after another. We are always thinking about something different vaguely even while watching TV. When we have some trouble, for example, we are always worried about it no matter what we are doing. 665 more words


Review: Forevermore by Kristy Roberts

Forevermore by Kristy Robinett (expected 8th October 2014 Llwellyn Publications) via NetGalley

“Kristy Robinett has always had helpers in spirit, but when she was thirteen, she met the most fascinating spirit guide of all–Edgar Allan Poe.

430 more words


Each of you has walked a rough road to arrive at today. Rest now by the road side. Put down the judgments, beliefs and pain that you have been carrying and rest in the Divine Light that you are. 168 more words


Spirit Baby

Seeing a spirit baby


It was the summer of 1977, July 12th to be precise and here we were, me, my husband, our two girls aged five and three and one crazy fool of a dog all beginning a new chapter in our lives as we traveled the hundred and fifty miles from the little seaside town in the north of England to the midlands and our new home. 818 more words


Tarotbytes: The Tower

When stress, chaos or feeling overwhelmed comes around run to the tower and climb.

Don’t worry – if you limb too high or become too confident, and life and nature will adjust your view to the proper height. 30 more words


Celebrity Friday: Comedy Clubs in Heaven

There are so many different versions of “Heaven” and I think it’s important to understand that what we experience after we die is what we need and want. 1,136 more words

Celebrity Ghosts