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The Heart of the Law; Psalm 119

When someone mentions God’s Law a number of things come to mind.  Often, people think of a strict God who declared the Ten Commandments as lines that must not be crossed; a wrathful God who smites lawbreakers with eternal damnation in Hell; or a vengeful God who strives to make life miserable for any who don’t follow a set of guidelines. 1,103 more words


Love Instead

I remember the sunsets
My car, my Bible,
A pen and paper.
A high school girl
limited in theological knowledge,
but a heart full of desire… 70 more words


Psalm 133 - Pure Unity

Good is people dwelling in unity,
Pleasant is each other in community;
Like a refreshing glass of water,
That you drink as the day gets hotter; 51 more words

Jesus Christ

The Joy Thief

So…when we think of people who take away our happiness, we usually think of that annoying co-worker or nosey classmate. Sometimes we even go far enough as to say that it’s Satan who steals our joy, and I think that one is occasionally true. 420 more words

Pastor Osteen and Christian Narcissism: Symptom of a Larger Problem

Posted on August 27, 2014 on Youtube was an upbeat little clip from Pastor Osteen in Houston. But not the pastor you are probably thinking of. 614 more words

New Testament Studies

Today's 911 Call to Prayer by Anne Graham Lotz

I’m praying today, and my heart and soul are set ablaze with passion.  If you have not joined Anne Graham Lotz in today’s “911: An Urgent Call to Pray for Jerusalem… 88 more words