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Shakeology Protein Pancakes

Like most people in the world I know someone selling Shakeology. That friend very kindly brought me two different flavors of there protein shakes to try. 160 more words

Jake's Fish Pie

When I think of creating a fish meal for dinner, fish ‘pie’ has never crossed my mind. That is, until my brother-in-law Jake (who just happens to be a chef), shared this yummy, simple meal idea with me. 345 more words

Supplements: Better Than Steroids

There’s a lot of hype in the body building world about different products people can use to enhance their gains and “shred” fat. Lots of guys desperate for that sexy six pack turn to insane options like testosterone boosters, chemical elevators, and even steroids. 356 more words


Going PRO with Protein

I think one of the biggest obstacles for people to change their eating habits is that they worry that they will “go hungry”. Sometimes they do because as they add in more of the “healthy stuff” (ie: vegetables and salads) the balance of the plate is missed! 181 more words

Tips & Tricks

Seitan, Homemade

Homemade Seitan

Makes 1 pound

Wheat meat! No need to spend a ton of money or time on seitan. This method is simple and delicious. 334 more words

Olive Oil


I sit lighter 15 days after I began my new paleo diet. I honestly cannot begin to describe how much the diet has changed my life. 609 more words


Nutritional Healing

Please understand that the following has been EXTREMELY simplified as an outline for SLOW OXIDIZERS. If you are a fast oxidizer, you will need more fats and protein. 512 more words