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Hitting the Curve Balls: Obscure Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

Cancer is nothing if not surprising, beginning with the moment you’re diagnosed.

Treatment side-effects are no exception. Yes, there’s hair loss, skin changes, fatigue, nausea—the ones we all know about. 471 more words


Teddy Gets a New Ear

Fellow BVIS anaplastology student, McKenzie Wampler, and I worked together on a patient education piece about Microtia. Microtia affects one in 6,000-12,000 children, resulting in variably severe hearing loss (sometimes accompanied by atresia, absence of the ear canal) and abnormal external ear development. 278 more words

Anaplastologists For Facial Realism

Remembering Dudley Childress

Last week, we learned that Dudley Childress, PhD, a pioneer in rehabilitation engineering, passed away. You may or may not know his name, but if you use or know anyone who uses prosthetics or orthotics, or anyone who uses sip-and-puff technology, you can thank Dr. 417 more words

The Rise of the Human Cyborg?

First published: http://www.techreviewer.co.uk/the-rise-of-the-human-cyborg/

It’s happening! The American food and drug authority has approved the use of a robotic arm for patients who have lost the use of their arms.  409 more words


Glass Heist - a very short story by E. A. A. Wilson

When Jimmy Saville scooped the glass eye out of the dead socket of a corpse, I’m sure he did it with no regard for the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of these delicate and unique prosthetics. 1,860 more words


Killer Props Foam Prosthetics Back in stock

We have restock’s of some of our most popular Foam Latex Prosthetics:-

Killer Clown


The Walker


All of these are back in stock and up on the site right now


Pilot lost control after artificial arm detached

14 August 2014 at 07.59 GMT


A Flybe pilot lost control of an aircraft after his artificial arm became detached as he was coming in to land, according to an accident report. 500 more words

Airline & Route News

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