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The Wilderness Experience - A Short Story

Anna dropped to her stomach and peered over the hill. She scooted forward, her forearms itchy from the grass. Some guy about her age—college age—stood in the meadow below, near the water, pulling silver packets of food from an enormous, dusty backpack. 1,238 more words



It’s Thursday and, sleep aid or not, I wanted coffee at 2:00 AM. Because. You look around at lunch on a Wednesday and just hope that life doesn’t drop you off at 80th and Wienerschnitzel, where the value meals are…not. 75 more words

Made of Words

It was almost 2 pm and my mind was being invaded by thoughts I’ve battled with for years. Everything was peaceful, quiet, stable and too beautiful for me to comprehend. 585 more words

Anatomy Of Melancholy Part II

I’m having a difficult time today.
I’m not sure if it’s my 15th Anniversary of Surviving Suicide inching closer, the Divorce Process I started(I found out he falsified his injuries in Afghanistan. 263 more words

On Writing (briefly)

Poetry is fun but I prefer prose. Poetry to me becomes cumbersome and difficult to manage after a while. I rarely write poetry anymore. The two I posted are about 15 and 10 years old respectively. 291 more words


She’s not poetry,
she’s not sentiment
She’s the heart that’s broke but lives
She’s not afraid of the dark
She’ll write songs about
6:58… 97 more words


Sunny Signs

Dialing, dialing, dialing, waiting anxiously, hoping courage perseveres till she’s greeted with his hello; that countdown of courage, slightly slackening while rehearsing lines, pacing, stretching, etching a small pattern on a loose paper then staring curiously- is this me, is this me, is this slight etch my personality? 274 more words