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anyone who does not understand the way that mental disorders affect people needs to watch the doctor who episode “Vincent and the Doctor.”

I think about it a lot. 87 more words


Bathroom door decor

Quote by Vincent van Gogh


Istanbul Blues - Automatic Style

Typed whilst dodging and weaving down a very busy main street of Istanbul,
Packed with people, blocked with cars. 1pm in August.
Automatism, only punctuation and grammar edited: 425 more words


And sometimes as you sleep and I’m still awake, I think in the darkness of things and know in that moment I love you more. … 14 more words

Letting Go

I used to lose myself to the music. Used to lose myself to the intoxicating seduction of the night with it’s sexy beats and siren call of the alcohol. 312 more words


Cross roads

Standing at the crossroads of my life
Like threads upon a tapestry,
The roads stretch out from me.

I wonder how I got to here, 364 more words


6-word Saturday

Departure is poignant: missing them already 

Last week’s flurry of family visitors was followed this week by the return of fellow blogger Crowing Crone Joss and her husband Gerard after a year of exploring their French roots.  65 more words

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