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This is what happens when I’m 75% asleep and can’t quite pass out so I decide to write one last poem for the day. Sometimes they are the most fun to write. Good night (hopefully)!


First Day

A/N: Yay first post of the year, woohoo! College is terrifying and I hope you enjoy this. Let me know how life is going, etc., etc. 282 more words


Diet Dog

Instant reaction
slips through
the cracks
but gains traction.

That’s my head
it has tilted by
instinctual attraction
to allow the reaction.

Sometimes she smiles… 8 more words



We are everything we desire and more
The universe flows from the depths of our hearts
To include another within these chambers
Is an intermingling of universes whole… 108 more words


Hilton Avenue

Why did he look at her? She was a freshman and she came from a poor family on Hilton Ave, where all the poor families melted into ratty velvet and stared at chipped chandeliers. 655 more words


“talk to yourself for thirty minutes and record it, then transcribe it.”

0:00-10:00 10:00-15:00 0:15:00-0:19:55

I want to boycott this assignment— I don’t want to talk to myself aloud for thirty minutes and record it. 645 more words


I have been cheating on my blog

My dearest authorsheart, I have a confession to make.  I have been cheating on you with a gorgeous journal book that I have become increasingly intimate with.   595 more words