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The Martian Sessions: Choke

Pelvic and palaces,  mattresses,  a thousand clocks
and turkey incubators –
inked fingers,  escalators
 pulling upwards
over the mountain milk thistled
with fragrance, begging and violence, 117 more words


The Samantha Poems: Overture

Deliver me from wanting what I want,
our dreams are dreams as long as they remain
a dream. I dreamt my latest last triumph;
I’m giving up today. 81 more words


a few items

Starting from a chair in the corner of a room.
The chair is choked with ivy.

A tooth, blue with plaque and struck through with gold. 21 more words


THE NEIGHBORHOOD -- Poem 08302014



late at night I count again

the children of our block.


there was Monte and James,

best friends, and I a distant third… 730 more words


The Samantha Poems: Necropolis

Lopsided conversations spoke in jest,
in jest because the truth is too alarming.
The truth is wicked. Wide. Wide hipped females.
Just kidding. Truth is wicked tho. 77 more words


The Samantha Poems: Hymn of the Eunuchs

We don’t ejaculate or ooze our words
in shaking spurts, our lexicon is measured
and metered, counted out in inches, soft
then hard, unstressed and stressed. 82 more words


The Samantha Poems: Butterflies

I move into a softer light, cool soft,
consumer standard, roses in my poems,
i lift a hammer, instagram her smile,
then tap a rusted nail into her wrists, 73 more words