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Ink and Words

As he gets out of bed and pulls on his pyjama bottoms, she sits up, making a poor attempt at pulling the sheet up to cover her naked body. 553 more words



Maybe we don’t see it, but we’re the same. Maybe we don’t feel it, but we’re connected. Maybe we seem distant and too far away, but whether we realize it or not, we are no different. 89 more words


Ernest Hemingway once said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” And I believe that, in many ways my heart and soul are now completely dry, devoid of all that is relative to the past, my thoughts and my feelings are anew. 135 more words


Let's Coauthor a Short Story: A Budding Narrative (Day 2)

The story is off to a fantastic start; the contributions have been nothing less than excellent. If you missed day one, you can get yourself up to speed… 522 more words


Your body of tired islands

your body of tired islands
your eyes of old cities
weighed down by the slow colour
of distance.

the purple voids of your eye sockets… 46 more words


The Lonely & The Lonely II

The Lonely

Jiang is no different from others his age; he keeps a contract with his pet hwamei. It promises to forget its wings and freedom in exchange for food and good conversation. 169 more words


Phoenixes' flame

“I was 13 when it happened. To be perfectly honest I’m not entirely sure what even happened, I was 13 and then I was 16 and everything was in a spin. 1,453 more words