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Her Safe Haven

It was a normal day at school  Aria was walking down the hallway, headphones draped over her neck.  The bell had just rung, signaling the end of fourth period.   1,226 more words


Can you feel me?

Under the leaves that have freshly fallen,

under the browned, softer ones

and under the mulch and humus debris beneath them,

lies my soul.

Chest to chest with the earth. 93 more words



Her legs hang over the edge of the seat, swinging along with the rickety, natural movement of the bus. There is barely an inch between her soles and the grimy, urbanite floor, but her feet don’t quite touch down. 222 more words

Creative Writing

Wallace's Jest

I am here



under barbed wire skin.


“I am not what you see and hear”

    The hapless body smiles

out of scorching spite… 8 more words

Creative Writing

Seven Pieces of Prose

A couple of these I think of a prose-poems, but we’ll talk about that when we get to them.

I wrote parts of this in Y5, after looking at the opening passages of ‘Under Milk Wood’ by Dylan Thomas. 1,439 more words


I am surprised by my ability to write, today. I hurt.

Not bad. Because, I can write. But, when I have painful days that are not bad, I sometimes ask why I should bother. 62 more words


Something About Airports

Makes me horny. Walking down the long concourse, I feel eyes upon me. I strut my stuff.

I am reminded of freedom, independence, and spontaneity. This place amuses sensations of possibility and mystery…something about it is seriously so sexy. 137 more words