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Change Came In The 80s


It turned out that my decision to change my lifestyle for a less promiscuous one was excellently timed on my part. During the 60s and 70s, as far as the average, sexually active  person knew, STDs resulting from indiscriminate sexual contact could be cured with antibiotics — and dreaded exceptions, such as Herpes or genital warts, could at least be treated to control symptoms.   482 more words


The Quantification of Everything (Especially Sex!)

What’s the difference between Followers and Stalkers?  And why do I crave one and not the other?  Why are catcalls on the street demeaning, yet “likes” on Facebook so uplifting? 117 more words


Sex in MY city

I’m not proud of the number of men that I encountered during that time in my life. I wanted fun, carefree, passion and to explore my body, their bodies, shared experiences. 822 more words

I am Mary Magdalene - Part 1

I am Mary Magdalene -
Delivered From 7 Demons

After what I can only imagine as a life-altering encounter with Jesus; Mary Magdalene was delivered from 7 demons, and chose to follow Jesus throughout the remainder of His ministry here on earth. 219 more words


I’ve been pondering this topic for a while, partly because I’m not being incessantly nagged by my muse (she has gone on holiday) and partly because I wasn’t sure if I should do something serious with it or go for funnies.  550 more words



Promiscuity: n. a human having transient sexual relationships with many different humans

Sexual freedom disconnected from the reality of reproduction of healthy smart future generations raised by caring families is what promiscuity is all about. 244 more words

Common Sense

Comment from a reader

This was written in the comment section on one of my posts by a reader. It is an absolutely brilliantly written example of the effects that BPD can have on the lives of those who have the misfortune of falling in love with us. 1,619 more words