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Introduction to basic Transmutative programming for intermediate lifters

The main issue that I have observed in the programming of weightlifting for novice or intermediate lifters is the brute assumption that variations of lifts can affect the lifters’ pull. 718 more words


git fetch vs git pull

Git is one of the most popular version control systems available out there. If you are a programmer, you must have used it one time or the other. 813 more words


My First Delphi Program

I made my first delphi program. It’s a simple text file reading application. As a beginner it contains very basic functions such as reading a text file & count the lines within it. 70 more words




A recent guest on Red Ice was Dennis Wise, an anonymous documentary maker whose purpose is to dispel the myths of Hitler. The 6 hour long documentary is narrated with a lot of reverb as if to make the story teller sound as if they were in a large auditorium with the added soundtrack of lulling or victorious music playing in the background where applicable throughout. 368 more words


Sniff - A (next) programming language for Scratchers... on Arduino and Pi


Sniff is a “Scratch-like” programming language that’s designed to help Scratchers move gently from Scratch to more conventional languages. They can start writing programs, without having to learn a new language because Sniff is based on Scratch. 23 more words


A new philosophical language

I’ve long been unhappy with my abilities to formulate my ideas in an appropriate medium. I’m not an academic, and have no desire to write footnoted articles or monographs. 183 more words


Part of exercise 12.4-1 in CLR

For CLR, exercise 12.4-1 in case you are lazy to do the math.

from __future__ import print_function

def quadratic_probing(k, i, m, h1, c1, c2):
	return (k + h1(k, m) + c1 * i + c2 * i**2) % m

def double_hashing(k, i, m, h1, h2):
	return ((h1(k, m) + i * h2(k, m))) % m

def main():
	m = 11
	k = input("Insert next key (k): ")
	print("Printing the first 10 possible positions for the key...")
	for i in range(10):
		print(quadratic_probing(k, i, m, lambda k, m: k % m, 1, 3))
	for i in range(10):
		print(double_hashing(k, i, m, lambda k, m: k % m, lambda k, m: 1 + (k % (m - 1))))

if __name__ == '__main__':
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