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August 29th: Control

kind of ugly right now, but that’s because I’m just dumping random stuff in to test. Highlighting of different board squares in different colors works, clicking on a square to move there works. 24 more words

Daily Update

Competitive Programming: How did Anudeep Nekkanti become so good at competitive programming?

Competitive Programming: How did Anudeep Nekkanti become so good at competitive programming?

I am asking because I also don’t study in a great institute but I really want to become very very good at this.  28 more words


Code to extract node annotations from NEXUS

I found that the read.nexus function in ape does not read node annotations written within square brackets.(If you don’t know “ape”, it is a common R package for phylogenetic analysis.) Commonly-used programs like Figtree or TreeAnnotator outputs this bracket-style annotations in Nexus but can not output annotations in simple Newick format, which can be read by the read.tree function. 570 more words


Network Administrator vs Programmer

If you are a computer science student, make sure to read this post first:
Choosing Computer Science..

Choosing between being a programmer or an administrator is a choice that must be done while studying, usually right after you take your first programming and networking course. 285 more words

Computer Science

Latihan PHP 6 - testing

Kalo semuanya udah jadi hasilnya nanti kayak gini :

Selanjutnya kita akan membuat koneksi ke database (insha allah :D)
File bisa diunduh disini.



Well, as promised, here is my bit about my Arduino. I am by no means an expert programmer. I don’t play by the rules when it comes to coding either. 287 more words


Using Arduino to Control a Servo Motor

I got a cheap pair of servo motors from Hobby King and am still deciding on what to do with. For a start I wanted to learn how to control them and it turns out that is is very simple. 309 more words