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Interesting Businesses in Armenia: RadiArt

In my pursuit to find businesses where products are made in Armenia, I came across a rather interesting startup called RadiArt: artistically designed radiators. Normally, radiators have simple designs and are more practical than praiseworthy. 31 more words


IndieBoogie - September Update

Things are moving fast at IndieBoogie HQ, with updates being released almost daily! Here are some new features now available:

  1. Super Robust Script Import! – Final Draft and Celtx now supported! 
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Fighting Badgers

Production Update 104

I hope everyone had a great extended weekend! I enjoyed some time in the garden and visited some family to relax as a very busy month is just around the corner. 302 more words




Germany is the third largest exporter and importer in the world, accounting for more than half of the European Union’s international trade. Since January 1 1995, Germany has been a part of the World Trade Organization, existing both as an individual nation and as part of the EU (known officially as the European Communities in the WTO until 30 November 2009). 151 more words

The “Baskervillain Process”

The “Baskervillain Process”.

This is Patrick’s reflection on a project that ran for several weeks.  It is really helpful to maintain detailed diaries … as he says “When reflecting back on this experience, I now realise how much I have learnt. “

Collaborative Project Based Learning

How will you be remembered?

H ow  will your superiors, peers, and subordinates remember you? Will they talk good or bad mouth you to the grave? I’m not talking about after you’re physically gone from this life, but when you leave one positional career space for another. 538 more words

Some Guy in China Wired a GoPro Inside an ENG Broadcast Camera. And It Actually Works

The most amazing thing about the hack is that it’s been wired completely internally to take use of the viewfinder in the camera and to actually be controlled by the buttons on the body. 70 more words

Streaming Production