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Kuroko no Basuke manga to end very soon

Hello, readers! It’s been more than a week since my last post, so I was itching to write on something. :) And just when I decided to write about another matter, I was greeted with the news that you see in the title of this post. 281 more words


FLCL: Ohhh Pirates are birds?

The Facts are These:

Fooly Cooly revolves around a twelve year old named Naota Nadaba and his interaction with Haruko Haruhara a girl who is an investigator for the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood. 531 more words


Love for the Mind or Body?

Not to be too gruesome, but a friend of mine broke his femur in a bike accident, and as anyone who has had that sort of experience knows, doctors place a metal rod by the bone while it sets. 1,245 more words


impressions: Ao Haru Ride & Barakamon

I’ve finally gotten some perfect amount of episodes to give my impressions on. I had to push aside some titles however but only because I have yet to watch them. 1,118 more words


Summer Anime Pickups - Ao Haru Ride: First Impressions

One of the reasons I keep chugging along with this blog is that it enriches my experience with anime. Yes, I sometimes feel forced to watch series I’d rather not – cough, cough… 1,047 more words


Haikyuu!! | Rising favorite

Did I mention I like sports anime? I like sports anime in general. MAJOR is my number one favorite and will always be my favorite baseball anime. 443 more words


Dalin's Simulcast Corner - Blue Spring Ride - Episode 1 Review - Summer 2014

With magical girls and video game battling heroes, the Summer 2014 season doesn’t have much to offer for those Slice of Life fans. But maybe that’s a good thing, since the latest addition to the genre, Production I.G.’s… 570 more words