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Just got my Jamberry sample...but now what do I do?

Your consultant just mailed you a little ‘sticker-like’ strip that looks something like this.


Long, rounded at both ends, a cute pattern or something.  But maybe you’re wondering how this little oblong sticker ends up on your nails for a beautiful mani? 1,062 more words

So What Exactly is Sustainable and What Isn't ? - It's all about life time -

Green, Eco, Natural, Bio, Renewable, Sustainable ? During and besides work I see too many confusion with people. They all know that it is oh-so-important, but don’t know what is good or what isn’t. 142 more words

Tuổi nào...

tuổi nào nắng vàng trên mái tóc

gió thổi mây bay vội vã đêm ngày

tuổi nào tiếng cười thay tiếng khóc

bút viết đưa tay chén rượu say nồng… 179 more words