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The Right Tie

This morning I had to get to work early because there was a hardwood flooring sand and finish class starting that I coordinate. Though much of the class is hands-on, there is still a classroom component to the class and I wanted to be sure the computer and projector was hooked up correctly. 103 more words

Seeing Things Differently

I have not been seeing things correctly lately.  I am beating myself up about not doing enough creative work.  But, I have been producing.  Maybe not in volume.  337 more words


Producing A Meaningful Residence: View Along The Way by Decorationzy

Today’s guest post for the Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series is Kelly of View Along the Way. Welcome Kelly…

Hey buds! I’m so pumped to be here on Jenna’s beautiful blog talking about creating a meaningful home. 27 more words

Gallery Wall In The Producing by Feedous

Guest Post via The Underestimated Mom I have often been a massive fan of gallery walls and now that I ultimately own a property, I have been preparing and decorating each space small by little and I am lastly getting to my initial gallery wall. 26 more words

Producing The Absolute Most Of Your House With Interior Design Concepts

There comes a time in each and every home, when the spot just seems worn and blah. If you have discovered your self cringing a bit when you go into the living room or kitchen – you do not need to have to pull up stakes and look for a new house or apartment, you just need to use some new i… by… 7 more words

Women Ideas

Producing Beaches Safer

Generating Beaches Safer
The SOS Rocket is a special safety buoy that earmarks secure swimming places at the beaches. In case the currents sweep a swimmer, they can latch onto one of the buoys and release the helium-filled SOS balloon and therefore attract the lifeguard’s a… by… 7 more words

Women Ideas

An introduction to me.

I would like to start off by saying hello! My name is Hannah Agutter, primarily I am a film producer, if you would like to read my blog where I post about producing, and my other creative work you can find that… 157 more words