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Bad me

I’ve neglected my blog for too long.  I promise to get better from here on out.  I have no excuses for neglecting you, my dear followers, except to say I’ve been lazy.   19 more words




Siapa sih yang nggak kenal snooze? Semua orang yang memakai alarm di mobile phone nya dijamin akrab dengan si snooze ini. Nah, terus kenapa perlu dibahas? 459 more words


If You're Procrastinating, May I Suggest...

I am not exactly an ideal example for exhibiting a state of permanency. Over the course of 22 years I’ve lived in five different cities, 15 different houses, 12 different phones, 11 different hospitality jobs and changed uni courses a staggering, jaw-dropping, eye-rolling… 1,342 more words

Long Time Coming

Hello Wonderful People!!!

This blog, as the title suggests, has been an idea of mine for over a year now. It has proven to be one of those things that just nag at you but I have been making the same silly mistake that so many do. 281 more words


Looking for the Perfect Decision?

I’ve been thinking about decisions lately.

And I’ve been putting off quite a few decisions lately.

Should I buy a smartphone for work access on the go or stick with my plain phone? 152 more words

Day 59: My Motivation Jar

It’s no secret that I’m an avid procrastinator who often lacks motivation – at university I was known as Queen of the Last Minute Club – but I’m putting that all behind me. 230 more words


How to Stop Procrastinating

“Ugh! I’m so full, I can’t breathe!” says Rose as she finishes her cheeseburger. “And I’ve got to lose weight … I think I’ll have the crème brûlée” Across the table, her oncologist friend, Linda, lights up, handling the stress of treating cancer patients by smoking like a chimney. 183 more words

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