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Benedict Smith Sums It All Up For Me

Ok mindreader, sir, thank you. And good night.


She does art, Day 10 | Mosque doors

As AJ would call this: the disco version. He asked me why I always make my images look psychedelic before giving it their true colors. 51 more words

She Does Art

Summer Gone, September Here

It’s already the second of September. Despite my expectations for a fast-flying summer, the arrival of this date still caught me off guard. I’m finally ready to start querying my first novel manuscript, and now it is one of the worst times of year to attempt such an endeavor. 341 more words



School has been out for two months. Add to that the two weeks of teachers strike and you have 75 joyous days my daughter and I have spent together this summer. 739 more words

Personal Growth

Write what you own.

Rodriguez designed a script that he could shoot with the resources he and his friend, Carlos Gallardo, knew they would be able to obtain. “I saved money by writing the script around things I already had access to: A pit-bull, a motorcycle, two bars, a ranch…” Rodriguez stated during his premier at Sundance (Rodriguez, 173).



Writing as a Process: Actual versus Ideal

My initial inclination is to agree that process is the given in current writing instruction; however, this is based on the notion that “process” means a routine series of steps including prewriting, drafting, and revising; too often, writing classes I took emphasized these same “process” steps repeatedly. 346 more words