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My New Job

I’ve recently started working again. At a new job, because my old one wasn’t good anymore. Long story short, I used to work as a receptionist at a hotel and I worked the night shift. 788 more words

Monday Story

Burying your anger

Anger is obviously a negative word and we want as few as possible negativity in our lives because anger as we know it can be a cause of many evil things and instead of leaving you joy and contentment, it leaves you sadness and regret. 276 more words


Finding time.

Ironically since making this blog I have not had time to even write on it. Until now. 


My intentions of this is/was to document my time as a hotel manager struggling at the age of 24- now 25. 353 more words


Getting To The Root of Plumbing Problems

Home maintenance is a chore that keeps popping its head up. With so many things that need to be done to a home in order to keep things running smoothly, there is literally always something to do. 6 more words

Day 27 - Bigger Problem

Does this conversation sound kind of familiar to you?

A: (Sigh… )

B: What happened?

A: I’m so tired… I work 14 hours a day and have evening meetings and shit… so exhausting… 353 more words


Nope, I've Got No Issues With "Comfortable"

You see, I just spent 18 hours of the last Saturday, literally every waking moment not devoted to food or personal hygiene, seated in front of a computer… 3,217 more words


Being able to have peace is a gift from God- ask for it.

There are times in our lives that it seems we carry the whole world on our shoulders and there are just problems that seem not to end. 480 more words