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Based on Faith

In July this year the governor of Massachusetts successfully appealed to communities of faith to help him to provide shelter for the 1000 migrant children as young as 3 years old who had travelled illegally to the US from countries in Central America. 837 more words

How Instagram Put Me into Labor

Letting a 13 year old have accounts on social media is extremely debatable, and has to be granted on an individual basis. After careful thought, I allowed my daughter Sarah to have an Instagram and Facebook account, reasoning that down the line she would forget I knew her passwords. 391 more words


The Truth about Organized Sports in Private Schools

As a child, I attended a small private school that I enjoyed very much despite a paralyzing fear of socializing. Every girl in my class played every sport our school offered, and although I was not friendless, they enjoyed a camaraderie that I envied. 661 more words


News Opinion of the Day

A third of all GCSE results (around 33%) from those who attended private school were A* graded this year, against a national average of 6.7%. Is this because children who attend private school are smarter than the rest of the child population? 262 more words


Why an Oxbridge cabinet needn't be 'elitist'

I feel a kind of duty as an undergraduate at Oxford University to defend the Oxbridge institution as a whole. Today, there have been lots of articles after the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission found that the UK is deeply elitist and that top jobs are more often that not held by Oxbridge graduates and those that attended private schools. 654 more words


When Will Labour Be Honest About Private Schools?

Another day, another “revelation” that Britain is a deeply elitist, socially segregated country thanks to the harmful influence of private schools and their irritating habit of setting their students up to succeed with a good education and useful network¬†of influential contacts. 1,526 more words


IMF Lists 25 Brightest Young Economists

This article is a recommended read. Check it out!

via IMF Lists 25 Brightest Young Economists.

What immediately caught my attention was that there was only one person from Britain, and he lives in the US and is based at Stanford, California’s, IVY league university. 124 more words