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Facebook is making stalking easier

As much as I appreciate that companies need to innovate, especially if they rely on advertising, some still have a lot to learn when it comes to guarding its user’s privacy. 47 more words


Android App Permissions

For quite awhile, I have been thinking that Google’s Play Store is broken. It is the same for Amazon’s app store as well. The basic model for acquiring apps for android is broken. 328 more words


Do you know someone's been stalking you all this while? Well Google has.

We’re only years away from a complete Robot Revolution and Google Inc. will surely be
leading the charge.
Google knows more about me than my grandma and all my past girlfriends combined. 638 more words

Million Requests - Million Troubles

Now you have it. The number of URL removal requests from the Google’s search engines has reached the unprecedented one million on a daily basis. Here is the most intriguing part of this story. 179 more words

Privacy office finds Medicentres failed patients

EDMONTON – Alberta’s privacy commissioner says a chain of medical clinics failed to protect patients’ health information on a laptop that was stolen — and took too long to publicly report the theft. 611 more words


HealthKit app developers are prohibited from selling health data.

Good news everyone! Apple has made changes to its privacy policy to explicitly state that developers cannot draw data from it’s platform for their apps with the intend on passing it on in some form to marketers. 86 more words


Six Toronto hospitals revealed patient info to baby photographers in security breach

Six GTA hospitals compromised their patients’ personal health data by routinely handing it over to baby photographers who paid for access to maternity wards — breaches revealed by extra scrutiny following a major breach at Rouge Valley Health System. 593 more words