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To be loved or not to be

Yes, I’m one of those dreamers, wait scratch that, I’m a believer. Which means that I believe that every person in the world has their “match.” Like no matter how ugly you think you are, there will always be that one person who thinks you are absolutely perfect. 278 more words

The New Cinderella Story

I am the new Cinderella,

Let me introduce the new prince –

He’s rich in love, kind, and considerate.

He doesn’t have a castle

Like the kingdom you imagine. 196 more words

How many frogs...............................?

The land of Walt Disney has much to answer for. We grow up watching the magic of Walt Disney’s fairy-tale unfold before our very own eyes. 218 more words


Long Time, No See!

Hey Folks! :D

Gosh, it’s been a long time – almost a whole year! 

I apologize for disappearing for awhile. You know the saying “ 833 more words

Dear Diary

Feminism is DESTROYING Dating

Why Modern Feminism has DESTROYED the Dating World

“Where have all the good men gone?”

Says the “Princess” after getting dumped by the Omega loser who just wanted sex.

926 more words

Once Upon A Time

I finished my jigsaw!! It took me 2 days but i did it and i even beat my own record for making a 1000 piece jigsaw. 233 more words

The reality of it all..

Growing up we, as young girls, watch Disney movies fantasizing about our “true love” and our magical wedding day. Those movies make us believe everything is a fairy tale, every girl is a princess who will be swept off her feet by a young handsome prince and everything is all happy-go-lucky and they are your soulmate. 462 more words