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What Are They Putting in Those Leaves?

And whatever it is, could I get some in my morning coffee?

Monkeys, lemurs sold in British pet shops

This video from South Africa says about itself:

Vervet monkey babies

10 January 2009

Looking after orphaned baby monkeys at the Vervet Monkey Foundation. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THE…

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Economic, Social, Trade Union, Etc.

A Home for Ontogeny and Phylogeny

Construction of the Phyletisches Museum in Jena, Germany began on Goethe’s birthday on August 28, 1907. The Art Nouveau-styled museum was devised by the great evolutionary biologist, embryologist and artist/howthefuckdoyousummarizehowcoolhewas  647 more words


humans, according to science, are primates

humans, according to science, are primates and are in the LARGE APE category.

In other words, humans are primates and monkeys are primates, but  humans are not monkeys 69 more words


New Philippine tarsier discovery

This video from the Philippines is called Pure Nature Specials – Tarsier Primate – The Littlest Alien.

From Science News:

New subspecies of Philippine tarsier…

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When Reading About Chimpanzees Turns Into Cormack McCarthy's "The Road". Cannibalism and Infanticide: Primatologists Report.

Reading Cormack McCarthy’s The Road – which I admittedly did mainly because I intended to see the movie – was one of the most excruciating encounters I ever had with literature. 1,345 more words