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Teaching Students the Mistakes of the Past Before History Repeats Again

“Starting with the youngest members of our society, Alberta commits to residential school survivors…”

While I was browsing through the large stock piles of articles on the internet, I came across an article concerning aboriginal/first nation education in Alberta; they’re making it mandatory to teach students about residential schools. 669 more words

The forbidden topic

This is a sensitive topic, so be warned that I might advocate some unorthodox opinions later on in the text.

In average; 1,3% of the total amount of deaths in Europe are suicides (or rather, ‘Intentional Self-Harm’).

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Causes for bleeding gums

While brushing, have you ever noticed a bit of blood on your toothbrush and wondered about the cause? Everyone’s gums bleed at some point in their lives for a variety of reasons, but the sight of a little red while you brush can still be unnerving. 725 more words


Fire and Rain:  The Council Divides its Urgent Attentions

The world is, to reference the Washington Post and virutally every other media outlet, beset with crises.   From Mali to Ukraine, hardly a day goes by without at least one new eruption of hostility, one new warning that the armed violence we struggle to manage may well be entering a new and more potent phase. 976 more words

Nail Polish That Detects Date Rape Drugs: A Positive Thing?

August 31st 2014 for The 1st Class Lifestyle

I decided to briefly weigh in on the whole “nail polish that detects date rape” thing today. The story has kind of fascinated me since the idea was first made public. 341 more words


Emotions trumps rational thought

Modern medicine is only just starting to understand the raw power of emotions. Yet the society we have created is very much geared towards rational thought, and using rational thought to plan ahead to get us where we want to be. 481 more words


Back to Design Basics

I was getting ready for my day with NPR playing in the back round and was so excited to hear this program on the Morning Edition. 30 more words