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Absolute Apologetics?: A Review Essay of Sye Ten Bruggencate’s How To Answer The Fool: A Presuppositional Defense Of The Faith

Sye Ten Bruggencate’s How To Answer The Fool: A Defense of Presuppositional Apologetics is a quintessential example of the inchoate status permeating Presuppositional thought. Essential to Bruggencate’s project which seeks to demonstrate that his view surpasses its competitors in its scriptural witness are an excess of philosophical misapprehensions regarding successful apologetic argumentation and epistemology which, when properly understood, render his own view untenable. 36 more words

Mad Hatters vs. the Sye Clones (A Turf War?)

I’ve been asked to comment on the recent spat between some of the authors of the Choosing Hats blog (~ ahem ~ the *second* best Presuppositionalist website on the internet) and some of Sye Ten Bruggencate’s friends.  1,325 more words

Van Til

Review: Pagan Heart of Today's Culture

This work can be purchased for a discounted cost if you click HERE.

This is a fascinating booklet and a new addition to the Christian Answers to Hard Questions series this is the result of the partnership between the faculty of the Westminister Theological Seminary and P&R Publishing.  271 more words


God is Omniscient?

As Christians, we hold to the doctrine of God’s omniscience. This is God’s infinite knowledge. In the second chapter of The Westminster Confession, we have an explanation of God’s knowledge based on various parts of scripture. 656 more words


Dr. Oliphint on the Need for Presuppositional Philosophers

“My hope still, is that there would be somebody out there who *is* a philosopher, maybe even training in philosophy right now, who has a strong Reformed theological base and who could begin to develop a truly Reformed Christian philosophy, because I think there’s a crying need for that.

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