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Should Retirement Plans For Individuals Hold Precious Metals And How?

Source: Gold Silver Worlds

Diversifying a portfolio is the first thing they teach you about investment, especially for retirement plans. With these funds, security is often prioritized over quick, short term speculation. 265 more words

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Medical students experience practising in rural Saskatchewan

SASKATOON – Medical students at the University of Saskatchewan spent the summer experiencing medicine in rural and remote locations in the province.

Saskdocs said 40 students took part in PREP – its rural externship program – to learn more about practising in rural Saskatchewan. 248 more words


Golf Outfit

This summer I’ve been playing golf. I love it because you’re outside for a couple hours and you also get a great workout if you pull your clubs. 69 more words


Portable AM Radio For Disaster Information

Source: Modern Survival Blog, by Ken Jorgustin

Reliable information during a disaster or escalating crisis is paramount to survival. People need to know the scope of the disaster. 165 more words


Why I Believe A World-Wide Pandemic Will Bring About Civil War and Ethnic Cleansing in the United States

Source: Survival Blog

A world-wide pandemic is my worst nightmare. I fear a pandemic more than I fear a nuclear war. We have scientists who have already weaponized the flu virus. 410 more words


Canned Food Shelf Life Studies

Source: modernsurvivalblog, by Ken Jorgustin

Canned Food will last much longer than you may realize. The ‘Use-by’ dates that are posted on cans are confusing and many people incorrectly associate them with shelf life. 208 more words


Labor Day Labors

Rather than be lazy for a 3rd day in a row, I decided to be productive and ensure less crazy midweek.
So I cooked!
I made an artichoke hearts, chili cheese chicken casserole. 60 more words