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the title, the summer, the identity?

Rinfrescante means “refreshing” in Italian, a language I am completely in the dark about. In fact, the only things I know in relation to Italy is well, the food and the fact that I enjoy it greatly. 261 more words


My study plan

I am going to study Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, and Verbal Reasoning each day every week. And I will take the practice exam every other week. 66 more words


The reason my I have this blog

I am going to take the MCAT on Nov 7th in Seattle. 

I don’t know if you are the same as me, I need to speak it out when I feel the pressure. 24 more words



Let’s start with introductions- ice breakers were always the funnest (yeah, it’s a word… right?) weren’t they?

Name, Major, School. Jennifer, Microbiology, UC Davis. Pre-med student with ambitions to become a  65 more words


Oweek survived

So, I survived Oweek.

Honestly, you wouldn’t think that Oweek would be something that needed to be ‘survived,’ but I beg to differ! Five days jam packed full of activities, day and night would tire out a better person than me – and I was sober throughout the whole thing! 343 more words

What I Learned pt. 34

  • I just got back from visiting my crazy Cuban family in Miami. We actually did not have a huge blowout. My mother seems to finally have struck a balance in order to avoid conflict.
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I do, therefore I am

I realize after writing this post that it mirrors a previous one, but sometimes ideas come to mind multiple times to make a point. So bear with me. 377 more words