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Femininity, submission & inner beauty

Femininity and submission have nothing to do with being a woman. From the dictionary:

Femininity – A characteristic or trait traditionally held to be female… 800 more words


You’re Being Prejudice: And Other Familiar Tales

It started benignly enough, a passing comment about an email that my mother received from a far-away cousin. And then instantly it changed. You see, that far-away cousin forwarded a ‘news’ story portraying a subversive take over within American culture. 24 more words

Social Work

Someday We'll Find It

When I wrote about being a white mom who cares about racism, one commenter challenged me with the phrase “if equality is truly your passion,” and that gave me pause. 949 more words

We're All Pink In The Middle.


When I was younger (before bikes), people and small dogs would cross to the other side of the street to avoid walking past me. At first I thought it was my cologne, but soon realised that couldn’t be it… I wasn’t wearing any. 955 more words


#FinishThatThought Week 2-9 : Problem Solved

I bought the gun because Fred said he’d rather be dead than caught having Sally as a friend.

“What’s wrong with Sally?”

“It was a he.  440 more words


Me. The poster child for looking on the bright side. Positive thinking. Seeing the glass half full. A true believer in everything working out in the end.

491 more words

Exploring Bias, Humanity, and the Image of God

Recently Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson was photographed displaying “hand symbols.” As the photo circulated the outrage grew because those hand symbols were interpreted as gang signs. 1,036 more words

Michael Brown