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Week 30 - Slowing Down

I hope all my US friends had a wonderful Labor Day! We did absolutely nothing, which was perfect since I am really starting to slow down these days. 301 more words


My People

All four of us are nursing some pretty wicked flus, the washing pile has taken on a life of its own, I’ve barely slept in seven months apart from a few good nights here and there, and there are about six hundred Dora band aids stuck to our bathroom floor. 402 more words


Our Back Story

August 20th, 2011. It is where the story truly begins.

David and I met through a mutual friend at a party. We had seen each other at a couple of parties prior to this, but this is the day when we actually started talking, which led to a David being pushed into the pool and then throwing me in afterwards…(I can not swim by the way) The night continued on, and soon after, the friends that I had come with and I left. 1,372 more words

HELLP Syndrome

Carrie Underwood Announces Pregnancy!

We’re capping off your Labor Day weekend with some exciting news: Carrie Underwood is pregnant, y’all!

The country singer took the announcement to Twitter… 88 more words



It’s been two weeks since I started school and I’m feeling a little “in limbo”. There’s a certain amount of complacency setting in and a realization that this intense reading, studying and assignments is my reality for next next couple months. 85 more words


Manfaat Renang Pada Kehamilan

Takut berenang karena hamil? Atau tidak percaya diri berenang karena bentuk badan? Jangan biarkan takut dan kurang percaya diri justru menghambat 288 more words