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Leaving Behind The NICU Machines

Final Goodbye

A lot has happened since our little Miracle Man was two pounds and in NICU fighting for every breath, for every heart beat. It is almost hard for me to remember where it all began as I look at our healthy, bouncing twenty-six pound boy. 584 more words


Charlie has her Medicaid Waiver screening tomorrow. I’ve worried about it for about a month. If Charlie is found not eligible for a Medicaid Wavier, then we lose Medicaid as Charlie’s secondary insurance.   201 more words


Daddy Kangaroo Care

The best thing a dad can do for his baby in the NICU is kangaroo care. Mom’s got the breast milk covered, so dad needs to, again, man up, take his shirt off (or unbutton the shirt until it’s open), grab his baby, and sit in a chair for a few hours. 462 more words


Working, After Baby Comes Home

To save on the grocery bill, when Jacob and I were finally able to come home, I initially focused on planting the greenhouse and the potato patch to supplement our wild game.   643 more words

Advice From Other Preemie Moms

Week 35: A Few Victories and a Cold That Won't Let Go

Sorry older Ben – if you’re wondering why this post is so short, it’s because your momma is sitting at the kitchen table after taking care of you all week with a horrible cold and after a 7 hour meeting yesterday AND after doing 2 hours of work…I’m sick, I’m tired, and I get to go to bed just as soon as I wrap this up! 527 more words

Parenting & Children

Major Rager: Just Another Reason Chronic Lung Disease Sucks

We left the doctor’s office in tears. But, at least we’re home! We were *this close* to being sent to Children’s Hospital today.

Jax caught a cold yesterday and it has already moved into his lungs. 307 more words



Morgan had a lovely day out to Formby, it is beautiful there although a little cold.

She enjoyed walking across the sand and looking at the sea, it was way too cold for a paddle (if you remember last year she hated the sea anyway). 85 more words