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Working, After Baby Comes Home

To save on the grocery bill, when Jacob and I were finally able to come home, I initially focused on planting the greenhouse and the potato patch to supplement our wild game.   643 more words

Advice From Other Preemie Moms

Week 35: A Few Victories and a Cold That Won't Let Go

Sorry older Ben – if you’re wondering why this post is so short, it’s because your momma is sitting at the kitchen table after taking care of you all week with a horrible cold and after a 7 hour meeting yesterday AND after doing 2 hours of work…I’m sick, I’m tired, and I get to go to bed just as soon as I wrap this up! 527 more words

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Major Rager: Just Another Reason Chronic Lung Disease Sucks

We left the doctor’s office in tears. But, at least we’re home! We were *this close* to being sent to Children’s Hospital today.

Jax caught a cold yesterday and it has already moved into his lungs. 307 more words



Morgan had a lovely day out to Formby, it is beautiful there although a little cold.

She enjoyed walking across the sand and looking at the sea, it was way too cold for a paddle (if you remember last year she hated the sea anyway). 85 more words


Extreme makeover: Play house edition

I know its early but I have started planning Morgan’s christmas/birthday present and so I decided to get her a play house; and so project play house begins… 56 more words

Not Fun, Placing an NG Tube

Before our NICU discharge, Kate and I both learned how to insert a nas0-gastric (NG) tube into London. NG tubes are necessary when the baby cannot drink enough milk to thrive. 965 more words


The Museum of London

I have a sneaky suspicion that throughout her life London will be the recipient of a few gifts with a British theme to them. If we were going to easily tire of this, we wouldn’t have named our daughter London. 365 more words