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Preventing Suffering and the Abolition of Predators

The principle that we should always act to prevent suffering seems intuitive as it seems that a world without needless suffering would be far better than one in which suffering occurred regularly. 980 more words

Season Preview Part Four: Senators, Devils, Predators

During August and September we’ll be previewing all 30 teams in the NHL ahead of the new season. In Part Four we take a look at the Ottawa Senators, New Jersey Devils and the Nashville Predators. 764 more words

2014/15 Season Preview

New Chickens... New Predators

My new pullets!! I think that their grayish blue feathers are beautiful. They are a cross between an Easter Egger and a Barred Rock.

With new additions comes new lose. 66 more words


Girly becoming Womanly

Hi all!

So, I mentioned that I was going to have guest bloggers coming to this blog.

Thank goodness I named this blog thegirlyreports.com. I hadn’t realized back then that we would be having some new women on board. 441 more words

Upcoming Reviews

I know I haven’t posted much this week but I got a lot of content coming. So I thought I would give you guys a preview of some of the movies I’ll be reviewing next. 40 more words


Profiling Predators

Writing for Slate, Katy Waldman characterizes the current attention we focus on narcissism as the “syndrome du jour.” Tongue in cheek (hopefully), she dedicated the article to herself, since “there was no one else so incandescent, so charming, so wittily expert in the field of personality disorders as the one who appears in my mirror every morning. 1,150 more words