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Twinkle by SJ Parkinson - Science Fiction Book Tour and Giveaway

Virtual Book Tour Dates:  7/31/14 – 8/28/14

Genres: Science Fiction

The richest man in the world wants to celebrate the July 4th holiday as never before. 718 more words

Fire And Ice Book Tours


Said the worm to the bird, “Please spare me kind sir, for I have a family to feed”

With a cock of his head, a twitch and a peck,  6 more words


Masters of Disguise

Members of the animal kingdom have developed an amazing number of ways of defending themselves from predators. Some have highly evolved poisons that can wound or kill animals many times larger than themselves (think venomous snakes and spiders, or poison dart frogs); others have barbs, spines, or just generally prickly parts that render them unappetizing, making would-be-assailants think twice about the hassle of getting the creature into its craw; finally, there are more innocuous methods of self-defense, like cryptic camouflage. 177 more words


Pearce and Predation: The Intersection of Veganism and Transhumanism

“The final dream of civilization is that everything will be controlled, organized, categorized; all wildness and spontaneity will be eradicated.”
-Miles Olson, Unlearn, Rewild

“Why confine the civilising process to a single ethnic group or species?” 442 more words

Country diary: return of the hen harrier is a threat to other birds

The hen harrier and other large aerial predators are increasing in numbers in the UK. They are a glorious sight, but a deathly prospect for vulnerable species… 102 more words

10 Surprisingly Brutal Facts About Dragonflies

If somebody asked you to list all the insects you liked, you could probably give an honest answer in the same breath it takes you to violently exhale after being asked such a ridiculous question. 1,902 more words


A Cruelty-Free World?

Some writers think nature isn’t very nice. David Pearce is one such writer. Pearce told George Dvorsky at the weblog io9 (a daily publication connected with… 450 more words