Czechoslovakia August 1968 on the Mind: Nicolae Ceausescu and December 1989

Col. Dumitru Dumitrascu, sef al Inspectoratului Muncipiului Bucuresti al Ministerului de Interne, Declaratie, 19 martie 1990

“In seara de 20 dec. 1989 in jurul orelor 23:30-24:00 eu fiind la inspectoratului am fost informat de primul secretar Barbu Petrescu, care in mod confidential mi-a spus ca ceausescu nicolae l-a intrebat daca se poate organiza in ziua de 21 XII 89 un mare miting in piata palatului asa cum a fost cel din 1968–cu privire la evenimentele din Cehoslovacia.” 624 more words

Raport Final

Russia Wants Bulgarians to Stop Vandalizing Soviet Monuments to look like Superheroes

The Moscow Times reports: Russia is demanding that Bulgaria try harder to prevent vandalism of Soviet monuments, after yet another monument to Soviet troops in  257 more words


THIS DAY IN HISTORY - August 20: Czechoslovakian reformers get no love from Moscow... just tanks.

August 20, 1968 – Prague Spring crushed by Soviet-led invasion.

When Czechoslovakia was invaded by its Warsaw Pact allies it signified more than just the end of the nation’s quest for “socialism with a human face.” It also effectively represented the end of socialism as a viable and legitimate alternative to liberal capitalism. 230 more words


Agnieszka Holland on the Prague Spring

In 1968, over 150,000 Red Army troops entered Czechoslovakia to reverse the political liberalization known as the Prague Spring. Agnieszka Holland’s new movie Burning Bush… 133 more words