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#MAVTV500 Practice 1 Recap

At 10:00 am track local time, the drivers of the Verizon IndyCar Series turned their first laps of the weekend. Penske duo and championship-rivals Helio Castroneves and Will Power had their names at the top of the charts almost immediately. 61 more words


The air is breathing you

“How do we enter trance states? I would prefer to ask ‘How do we stay out of them?’ In the middle of a dark night I wake up, how do I know I’m awake? 220 more words


Helicopter Fingers Workout

For training the left hand fingers to hover over the fingerboard, it is useful to imagine each of the fingers is a member of a team of helicopters practicing touching down and lifting off.   166 more words


An Open Letter to the Quiet Influencer Standing on the Edge of Her Comfort Zone

Dear Quiet Influencer,

I understand, I have peered over the edge of my comfort zone too and dared to take a leap of faith.  A few months ago, I was challenged and asked to design my consultancy – to create a strategic plan (which I fondly refer to as an exit strategy from this desk jockey post that I have held too long.) However, I found myself struggling to create my plan and wondered if this is what my enslaved ancestors felt when Harriet was trying to convince them to trust her as she promised them that freedom was on the other side of fear… 665 more words


getting back into the rhythm

results for 8/28 health overhaul

  • breakfast :  then oatmeal
  • lunch : salad with refried beans, salsa, corn, beans
  • dinner: 1 slice of pizza followed by a cup of peas, a cup of corn, a bowl of rice, refried beans, avo and egg, followed by a pop tart?!?
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Daily Log

‘One More’ Kaohsiung Residential Tower By Spatial Practice by Decorationzy

The current groundbreaking ceremony for Bellevueciti Building marks the start off of construction on spatial practice first residential tower “One particular A lot more” in Kaohsiung City, at the exclusive front row of the Art Museum Park. 25 more words