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An Unhappy Labor Day: Wages are falling across the U.S.

Perhaps the most important economic trend of the past fifty years is also one of the least discussed. Wages are falling. In the 1950s and 1960s, wages grew as the economy grew. 601 more words


7 Thought-Provoking Articles

Here are some great articles I’ve been collecting. Each would be worthy of more in-depth summary and analysis, but I’m running out of blogging room (and time). 473 more words



When I heard Mike Brown’s mother on the news, I empathized with her pain. However, I was surprised to hear her response. In the midst of the grief, she had the clarity to state the real issue. 753 more words

Cardboard Stories | Homeless in Orlando (1:23)

▶ Cardboard Stories | Homeless in Orlando – YouTube.

RethinkHomelessness asked our homeless friends to write down a fact about themselves that other people wouldn’t know just by walking past them. Their answers may surprise you.


NO STRUGGLE, NO PROGRESS by Howard Fuller (with Lisa Frazier Page)

Some people in this world always seem to be where the action is. They run toward the flames of a burning building instead of running away; they jump in the ocean when someone appears to be drowning; they look for the most challenging problems to solve. 252 more words