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Ignominious Multi-culturalism

Rotten Fruit

Multi-culturalism is at first glance an empty anodyne proposition.  Because it ostensibly embraces all cultures, regarding them all as equally valid and good, it has nothing meaningful or helpful to say about any culture.  1,269 more words

Post Modernism

The Nihilist and the Pauper

What is nihilism, you might wonder? In broad terms, nihilism is a philosophy which asserts that there is no meaning or value in life and that morality is something abstractly created by humans–not inherent to life itself. 597 more words



(With a Little Help from an Old Western Scholar)

NOTE: The following dialog is based on a debate I actually had with a Post-Modernist friend who will remain nameless. 1,433 more words

Donald Williams

What If We Are Wrong?

It isn’t politically correct to tell people that Jesus is the only name under heaven given unto men by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12). 618 more words


Freelove Redux

Juan was  whisked away to the wonderful world of L.A. -where he was provided an array of resources and excellent pay.  He hadn’t been to California since his hippie days in The Haight- circa 1968.  625 more words


Former Mars Hill pastors file charges against Mark Driscoll


A group of former pastors from Mars Hill Church have filed formal charges against the church’s Senior Pastor Mark Driscoll.

All 21 pastors have left or been let go from the church. 392 more words

Signs Of The Times

70ft Car-Juggling Robot Unintentionally Stomps on Priceless Postmodern Art!

Had Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, or Paul McCarthy come up with this, and it were exhibited in front of an art museum, it would be the crowning achievement of their careers. 590 more words