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08.17.2014. Sunday.


When you set your sights on the seemingly impossible, you can either fly or fall to certain doom. I refuse to die, but if I must, I will achieve it through a seemingly impossible method.

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The Migooks first Hweshik

Alright friends.

First off Migook means American in Korean.

Hweshik is essentially a work party that can go up to five rounds depending on the principal. 430 more words



My name is Paige and this blog is going to be all about…ME! I’m not self-centered, I promise. That’s just the best way to describe what I’ll be using this space for. 421 more words

Clinical Psychology


It’s the end of an era.

Today, amid a hodgepodge of waste collectors, half-assed police inspections, and shirtless hunks carrying heavy items, I took my last remaining possessions out of the apartment in Allston that I called home for eight months.   651 more words


Resume Booster: Why I (Really) Learned HTML/CSS

After about 2 months of unemployment, I can navigate job postings like a boss.  Organizational skills? My planner says yes. Office experience? Got it.  I can usually tell in about 30 seconds whether or not I’m going to apply for a job.   686 more words


Back to school: It's not for everyone

September usually marks the time of summer coming to an end. The sun beginning to set a little bit earlier each day, the breeze a little bit chillier, and the holiday decorations resting a little bit earlier on top of the department stores’ shelves; waiting to be picked and scrutinized for a possible location inside a warm home. 359 more words

Back To School

Planning Ahead

Growing up, I never saw the point in goals. Or plans. I was too busy being young, stupid, and brash. The weekend was the farthest I would look ahead and for some reason I was okay with that. 421 more words