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Welcome to The Girls Guide to Love!

This is a blog all about the experiences of young women in their relationships: particularly about sex and intimacy for 20-somethings. 161 more words

First Post

Feeling invincible

I feel like I can achieve anything right now.
I feel strong in my body and mind.
I feel content with who I am and aware of my potential for the first time ever. 40 more words

Healthy Eating

A Wishful Grant

Dear Reader,

Not everyday are you going to have the most exciting of days. There are going to be times where you just want everything to disappear, to leave you alone and to allow you to just be you without the constant need to make sure others see you as being happy. 483 more words


Redoing Reading! by Kimberley Lucas

Having finally recovered from Reading Festival, it’s time to talk about it. I’ve now experienced three different levels of experience of this event, which takes place over August bank holiday weekend. 943 more words

Equality And Inclusion

On One

This place I can’t leave,

Though it’s here I grieve

A long lost desire,

Ceased through a misfire.


It’s also a place I’ve learnt to love, 56 more words


Confessions of a mountain bike addict

I haven’t written much lately about any of my mountain bike adventures, simply because of my injured wrist. As my last mountain bike post ended into a somewhat sad note, I think it’s time for a cheerful one, and today is the day. 676 more words


Kind Mind

Yesterday, something that I’ve known for a long time was reaffirmed to me- my body listens to me.

This is the thing- I’m a positive person. 305 more words