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Side Note: Sherman's Book Store

Just a quick side post today – while hunting for some cards and small gifts I’ve been wanting to find recently I found myself in the Old Port here in Portland. 318 more words


Out for Dinner

We had dinner at Jade Bistro, Teahouse and Patisserie and I had the Garlic Shrimp which was good. It’s like a sweet and spicy shrimp but you can still taste the garlic flavor. 200 more words



Their album Futon is something of a web of influences and sounds, but that shouldn’t stop you delving into the music of Honey Bucket. 58 more words


Daydreaming My Life Away

Do you ever have those days where you rethink everything about yourself? Maybe it’s because so much of my life is unsettled right now, but I find myself thinking those things that only theatrically overdramatic characters in movies would ever actually say out loud. 433 more words


“Omakase” means chef’s choice — is there a better idea then to leave fate up to the hands of strangers while sampling from an extensive list of sake and whiskeys for the night? 605 more words



In the heart Portland, written in spray paint are the words Keep Portland Weird!

I’ve walked down enough of her streets to know that Portland has tried it’s hardest to keep itself weird! 648 more words

Cancer Free