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Recycling Machines and Guardians of the Galaxy

Today I went to the city to do a favour for a friend for an assignment of hers, as well as to watch “Guardians of the Galaxy” with her.   520 more words


Lucy - Movie Review

I was lucky enough to be invited (as an Edgars Club member) to the pre release screening of Lucy , starring Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson. 652 more words


The Abuse of Imagination

So…a lesson for those of us who subsist on popcorn and wine, and happen to enjoy crunching down on the un-popped kernels, defying common sense and dental advice in one fell swoop. 241 more words


Why I Need this Blog: Reason #122

What is my first reaction upon hearing that Mr. Mac (hubs) has to stay late at work? Why, to make popcorn for dinner and pour a glass of wine. 405 more words


Totally Trail Mix

Today as we’re thinking about getting back to our busy fall schedules I thought I’d share some different trail mix recipes.

Pumpkin seed and dried… 34 more words


Confessions Of A Popcorn Fiend

The obsession began decades ago.

At 2 or 3, my mother found me with my head in the trash can, eating popcorn my dad had tossed out the night before. 600 more words


day 239/august 27, 2014

I have five really great housemates. But we’re almost never all at home at the same time, let alone all hanging out in the same location in the house. 186 more words