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Greenbelt: Rekindled

It seems to be a relatively non-contentious observation that many things require maintenance. Cars benefit from an annual service. Houses need painting and careful attention. Modern computers may be capable of carrying out updates by themselves, but this seems an exception rather than the rule. 302 more words


Nature, She Gives

The Dog Days of Summer continue their occupation, well into September.

Delivering sultry heat that is all encompassing.

Stopping, to catch what breath there is, nature softly reaches forward, with encouragement. 29 more words


I think, therefore I ponder. I am, therefore I write

I had recently post a blog entry that talked about the wide variety of quizzes appearing on Facebook and other social media. I have been taking those quizzes as the mood strikes me. 585 more words


Marc and Angel Hack Life

  1. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. – Don’t base your attitude on how things are.  Choose your attitude so it supports and expresses the way you wish to be. 
  2. 1,612 more words


Today I am feeling: realistic, positive, accepting, comfortably numb. I have had a week to regroup after being back from our trip to Budapest. I have digested the reality that is my life that I have come back to. 738 more words


Remembering: What the Addict Doesn't Remember, Those Living With the Addict Will Never Forget

It is always so frustrating when having conversations with my son, because he has trouble with his memory. As with anyone who has ever been drunk, or high, or been with someone while intoxicated, knows that there is quite often a substantial memory loss of events that took place while in such a state! 752 more words


Prayer prompt for Monday, Sept. 1

Start thinking now about someone you can invite to church next week. A personal invitation from you could make all the difference!