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The Internet is Celebrating a Sex Crime

This past weekend, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande, and several others fell victim to an iCloud hack that led to hundreds of their personal photos to be leaked onto the internet for all to see. 533 more words


Time Spiders

Einstein meant to include this in his Theory of Relativity. He had it all worked out. He spent countless hours diagramming the complex physics and simplifying the concepts for ordinary mortals. 261 more words


What are YOU afraid of?

image © J.R.Barker 2014

It’s hard to scare a child with a tax return just as it’s hard to scare and adult with a witch. 79 more words

Fluff From My Mind

The Instagram Life vs Reality.

Your toes dig into sand, the sun bathes you in its warm rays, the melody of the sea plays to the crashing of the waves and a cool breeze blows away all worries and thoughts. 956 more words


Time travelling with my cup of tea

Sipping tea is probably one of my old habits which seems to never die. In fact, tea-drinking is one of those little things I can do to reminisce on the good times I had as a student overseas – Manchester. 299 more words

Everyday Life

The Temple

Along my street, a Buddhist Temple sits. Once an Anglican Church, now the retreat, home for the Lama and his loyal followers. I was invited to attend a meditation evening by one of the residents. 295 more words