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Fanaticism, Lethargy and a Politics of Hope

Our world resembles a bowl of porridge; it lacks contrast, thus is deprived of nuance, and prone to numb the minds of its observers through apparent homogeneity. 1,069 more words

Political Theory

Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy. Francis Fukuyama. Farrar, Straus and Giroux. 2014

Writing in The Wall Street Journal, David Gress called Francis Fukuyama’s Origins of Political Order “magisterial in its learning and admirably immodest in its ambition.” In The New York Times Book Review, Michael Lind described the book as “a major achievement by one of the leading public intellectuals of our time.” And in The Washington Post, Gerard DeGrott exclaimed “this is a book that will be remembered. 261 more words


Perfectionism, Reasonableness, and Respect

POLITICAL THEORY 42.4 (2014): 468-489

Abstract: In recent work, Martha Nussbaum has exposed an important ambiguity in the standard conception of political liberalism. The ambiguity centers on the notion of “reasonableness” as it applies to comprehensive doctrines and to persons. 197 more words


ESA Research Network 31- Midterm Conference Vienna

I am going to give a talk on the topic of Islamophobic Racism and Antisemitism at the ESA Research Network 31- Midterm Conference Vienna, “Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism in the Shadow of the Holocaust”, to be held 4 to 6 September 2014 at the University of Vienna. 13 more words


Teaching theory: fast and slow

In preparation for the start of classes, I have revamped my syllabus for a Critical Theory course (syllabus posted on my academia.edu page – here… 559 more words

Revolution as Meaningless Simulation

Power floats like money, like language, like theory. Criticism and negativity alone still secrete a phantom of the reality of power. If they become weak for some reason or another, power has no other recourse but to artificially revive and hallucinate them… The deterioration of power is irresistibly pursued: it is not so much the “revolutionary forces” that accelerate this process (often it is quite the opposite), it is the system itself that deploys against its own structures this violence that annuls all substance and all finality. 590 more words

Political Theory

My latest piece in The Guardian - Why politicians must lie

Why politicians must lie – and how selling ice creams is like an election campaign

By Warwick Smith

Originaly published at The Guardian. 27/8/2014… 1,354 more words

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