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It’s Time To Curse, Apparently. (Warning: Profanity Alert!)

Recently I was attracted to a blog post that was Freshly Pressed titled, “The Complete Guide To Swearing At Work”, written by Roya Wolverson.  Give it a read.  1,236 more words

Diversity- contd

Mark Steyn’s has a new post on his site that touches on the subject in my previous post. His is entitled: The Reformation of Manners, 361 more words

Social Commentary

A Dangerous Mistake

When the cooler temperature of evening approaches near the mountains, beetles scurry from beneath every rock and cranny. While taking my evening walks, I kill as many of these garden-eating pests as possible, although I must admit I would not be able to accomplish this task nearly so well if it weren’t for my dog who walks with me. 258 more words

Looking at the Bill of Rights – Part Two – First Amendment - Speech and Press

I put both of these issues of speech and press together because in my mind they involve words or ideas being expressed.  In our modern-day this would probably include video. 1,147 more words


Bunny Heaven

There comes a time when commonsense and meat on the table clash with tree huggers and corporate interests.

I’m sat near a river bank SWARMING with happy little bunnies yet I’m not allowed to snare, trap, shoot, or otherwise dispatch meat that would keep me going for ever and reduce the profits of our local supermarket by a couple of hundred pounds a year. 229 more words


The U.S. Jihadi threats: San Diego and beyond

Moon’s article points out two important issues:  terror networks have a presence in cities across America and many are centered around Islamic centers

In a recent… 443 more words

News And Analysis

Mr. Obama makes a very funny joke

Fundstück   30.08.2014  achgut.com

The Islamic State group doesn’t reflect Islam, he said, “but rather just reflects savagery, and extremism, and intolerance.”

No, it’s not a joke. 8 more words