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Hitting Ted Cruz in Iowa: General (Ret.) Wesley Clark ... a repost

Earlier this year, over 100,000 veterans, military family members, and VoteVets supporters added their names to a letter calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to save the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). 196 more words

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On Labor Day:

Hi, everyone –

This Labor Day, I’m thinking about Austraberta.

I had breakfast at Austraberta Rodriguez’s home in Houston two weeks ago. She’s worked as a janitor for more than 30 years, and for most of that time, her wages put her below the poverty level. 459 more words

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Ferguson Cop Donations Sites Shut Down

Those donation sites for the Furgeson, MO cop that shot and killed Michael Brown were always questionable in my mind.

Officer Darren Brown has not made a statement or “turned himself in” for questioning at all, yet an army of supporters (not unlike the George Zimmerman supporters) have deluged the donation sites on the officer’s behalf with a lot of cash.   208 more words

Michael Brown

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Top 10 Reasons We Need to Defeat Chris Christie :::::: repost


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Speculation is already running rampant around the 2016 presidential race and we’ve barely had a chance to think about the upcoming 2014 midterm elections. 599 more words

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Urge Congress to sign on to the Schedules That Work Act

It’s been 120 years since Congress declared Labor Day a nationwide holiday.

Back then, in 1894, many workers faced extremely long hours and low pay, leaving them with empty pockets and precious little time to spend with their families. 355 more words

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This Labor Day and the Minimum Wage

In this week’s address, the President wished Americans a happy Labor Day weekend, highlighted the important economic progress we’ve made, and reaffirmed his commitment to accelerate our progress and ensure that our growing economy fuels a strong middle class. 467 more words

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